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MGRID - Creating a Shared Cyberinfrastructure for the University of Michigan
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The MGRID initiative is intended to create a collaborative research and development center for faculty, staff and students from participating units, with a central core of technical staff, led by a nationally recognized leader in grid computing. The goal of the MGRID initiative is to develop a grid and cyberinfrastructure prototype at the University of Michigan (UM), and enable UM researchers to solve scientific and engineering problems that are orders of magnitude complex than what are possible using current infrastructure. The various projects at MGRID is funded by a number of UM academic and research units, NSF and other sponsored research.


MGRID Executive Committee
Dr. Brian Athey Dr. Thomas Finholt W. Scott Gerstenberger
Dr. William Martin Dr. Homer Neal Jeffrey Ogden
Dr. Victor Wong
Acting MGRID Director
Dr. Thomas Finholt
Associate Director
Dr. Abhijit Bose
Technical Leadership Team
William Adamson Dr. Abhijit Bose Roy Hockett
Erik Hofer Jim Irrer Beth Kirschner
Dr. Shawn McKee Dr. Charles Severance

About Grid Computing
Grid Computing enables virtualization of compute resources, databases, networks, scientific instruments, and digital libraries such that the participants are presented a unified and transparent view of all resources. The necessary components are an up-to-date networking infrastructure, high-speed backbone network connections, a diverse and secure framework of middleware, collaborative tools including video, applications, and a cadre of highly qualified technical personnel to integrate this heterogeneous set of resources.

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