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MGRID - Creating a Shared Cyberinfrastructure for the University of Michigan
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MGRID Seminar on Resource Management

MGRID (Michigan Grid Research and Infrastructure Development, would like to invite you to a seminar on grid computing and resource management to be held on Tuesday, February 15 from 1:30-3:00 in room 1180 Duderstadt Center, North Campus.

Title: Grids, Standards, Hype, Reality, and a Blatant Promotion of PBS Technology

Presenter: Dr. Bill Nitzberg, CTO, Altair

Abstract: Grid Computing has its roots in technologies spanning the past 30 years: in network operating systems, distributed systems, metacomputing, and clusters. The promise of Grids--seamless access to computing power and information resources, regardless of ownership--is not yet real. After stripping away all the myth and hype, the reality is that Grids are, in fact, delivering substantial benefits in real production settings. Plus, recent developments in Grid standards promise a new wave of interoperable software. This presentation takes a broad view of the past, present, and future of Grid Computing, provides examples of how Grids are being used in the commercial world, and how some of the upcoming Grid standards fit in.

About Bill Nitzberg: Dr. Bill Nitzberg is the CTO and Managing Director of Altair Grid Technologies, the makers of the popular PBS workload management system. With over 20 years in the computer industry, spanning commercial software development to high-performance computing research, Dr. Nitzberg is an internationally recognized expert in parallel and distributed computing. Dr. Nitzberg currently serves on the Steering Group and as Director of the Scheduling and Resource Management Area of the Global Grid Forum. He co-architected NASA's Information Power Grid, edited the MPI-2 I/O standard, and has published numerous papers on distributed shared memory, parallel I/O, PC clustering, job scheduling, and Grid computing.


The MGRID initiative is intended to create a collaborative research and development center for faculty, staff and students from participating units, with a central core of technical staff, led by a nationally recognized leader in grid computing. The goal of the MGRID initiative is to develop ... read more arrow

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