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Installing kx509 for Internet Explorer and Netscape on Windows
Grid-Enable Your Browser > Installing kx509 for IE /Netscape on Windows

IMPORTANT: Before you begin, make sure that your computer's time and time zone are correct. Portal authentication will not work if your computr's clock is more than five minutes from the Kerberos server.

1. Leash

Leash is a Kerberos for Windows interface from MIT. Follow these steps to install it.

Click on MITKerberosForWindows-2.6.5.exe and click "Open" from the "File Download" dialog. When started it will show the following dialog:

Setup MIT Kerberos

Click through the following dialogs, selecting the defaults at each step.

Next, download the following 3 files into the C:\Windows directory by clicking on them with the righthand mouse button. Make sure that they are saved with the proper extension. Sometimes Internet Explorer sets the extension to "txt". Over-write the files that are there:


Finally, start the installed Leash program from the Start menu with:

Start -->
All Programs -->
Kerberos for Windows -->
Leash Kerberos Ticket Manager

Fill in the "Name:" field with your unique id, and enter your password as shown below:

Enter Password

Leash should show you that you have obtained a Kerberos ticket:

Obtain Kerberos Ticket

At this point you may exit Leash.

2. Certificate

To provide a chain of authentication, your browser needs the following certificates. For each of these, download them by clicking on them.

cren_ca.crt Education and Research Client CA
umich_root.crt University of Michigan Root CA
umich_ca.crt UMICH Kerberos Certification Authority
mgrid.crt MGRID

Use "Open" on the dialog below install them into your browser.

Download Certificate

Click "Install Certificate..." on the dialog below and use the "Certificate Import Wizard" defaults.

Install Certificate

Special note: the CREN certificate is a root certificate. At the end of importing it, you will be prompted with the following dialog. Click on "Yes".

Verifty Certificate

3. KX509

The kx509 interface provides translation between Kerberos tickets and X.509 certificates.

Download KX509 for Windows and save it on your computer.

Special Note for Netscape: The installer will ask if you want to use KX509 with Netscape. If you do, you must have already installed Netscape. If you install Netscape at a later date, it is recommended that you uninstall KX509 and then re-install it.

Using the Start --> Run... command, run KX509setup.exe, which will run an installer.

When installation is complete, log out of Windows, log back in and type in your kerberos password. It should not be necessary to reboot the system.

Upon logging in, your Kerberos ticket will automatically be detected, and after a few seconds a rectangular icon with a red X in righthand end of your toobar, as shown in this toolbar fragment:

Toolbar - Red X

In a few seconds the icon will change and the red X will disappear.

Toolbar with Good Certificate

If you hover over the icon with your mouse, it will display information about your certificate, or potentially indicate an error if something is wrong.

Note that this certficate is only valid for a limited time. To refresh this certificate, run the Leash program again.

4. Try It

To run a job on MGRID, go to the MGRID portal where you will be shown the dialog below.

For a quick trial, enter /bin/date for the executable pick a host, and then click Submit.

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