MGRID Portal How-To

Submit a MATLAB Job

To run a simple MATLAB job, you will first have to upload two files to your "MGRID Upload/Download" space. The first is a perl script that will correctly set up the environment (, and the second is the actual matlab script, which you will have to create. The sample script expects the matlab script to be named matlab_test.m. After you upload the file, you must select the checkbox for the file and press the "Change To Executable File(s)" button.

Go to the MGRID Portal
Click MGRID Job Submission
Select Cluster name "MacOSX_cluster"
Enter "matlab" for the Queue
Enter "" for the Executable
Enter your email address for the Email (for optional email notification)
Enter "matlab.out" for the Standard Output File (or some other filename)
Enter "matlab.err" for the Standard Error File (or some other filename)
Click "Run Job"

A confirmation page will be displayed, and you can now monitor your jobs or wait for an email notification of job completion.

MGRID How-to

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