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MGRID - Creating a Shared Cyberinfrastructure for the University of Michigan
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Technical Reports

A Step Towards A Computing Grid For The LHC Experiments: ATLAS Data Challenge 1

- European Organization for Nuclear Research, CERN-PH-EP

The Grid2003 Production Grid: Principles and Practice

- The Grid2003 Project

Improving Throughput and Maintaining Fairness using Parallel TCP

- Hacker, T., Noble, B., Athey, B. / Proceedings of INFOCOM 2004, March 2004, Hong Kong

A class of parallel multiple front algorithms on subdomains

- Bose, A., de Almeida, V., Carey, G. F. / International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering, v 56, n 11, 2003.

Implementation of the Dose Planning Method (DPM) Monte Carlo code on a parallel processing network

- Chetty, I., Tyagi N., Bose, A., McShan, D., Bielajew, A., Fraass, A. / 44th Annual Meeting of American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM), Montreal, July 18-20, 2002

A parallel Monte Carlo code for planar and SPECT Imaging: Implementation, Verification and Applications in I-131 SPECT

Dewaraja, Y., Ljungberg, M., Majumdar, A., Bose, A., Koral K./ Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine. v 67, No.2, Feb. 2002

The Effects of Systemic Packet Loss on Aggregate TCP Flows

Hacker, T., Noble, B., Athey, B./ Proceedings of Supercomputing 2002, November 2002, Baltimore, MD

End-to-End Provision of Policy Information for Network QoS with V. Sander

I. Foster, A. Roy / Proceedings of the Tenth IEEE Symposium on High Performance Distributed Computing (HPDC), August 2001

IP Easy-pass: Edge Resource Access Control

H. Wang, A. Bose, M. A. El-Gendy and K. G. Shin / Accepted for IEEE INFOCOM, Hong Kong, China, March 2004

Statistical Characterization for Per-hop QoS

M. A. El-Gendy, A. Bose, H. Wang, K. G. Shin / IWQoS 2003: 21-40 (Best Paper Award)

Secure Distributed Virtual Conferencing with C.J. Antonelli, K.W. Coffman, P.D. McDaniel, and J. Rees, Secure Information Networks Communications and Multimedia Security

IFIP TC6/TC11 Joint Working Conference on Communications and Multimedia Security (CMS'99), September 1999. (CITI Tech Report tr-99-1)

Experiences Using Web100 for Visible Human Testbeds

Hacker, T., Athey, B., Sommerfeld, J., Walker, D./Proceedings of the Fourth Visible Human Conference, October 2002, Keystone, CO

Evolution of the Internet QoS and support for soft real-time applications

M. A El-Gendy, A. Bose, K. G. Shin / Proceedings of the IEEE 91(7): 1086-1104 (2003)

A Methodology for Account Management in Grid Computing Environments

Hacker, T., Athey, B./Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Grid Computing, November, 2001, Denver Colorado, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Spinger Verlag Press

Distributed Accounting on the Grid

Thigpen, B., Hacker, T., McGinnis, L., Athey, B./ Submitted to 6th Joint Conference on Information Sciences (JCIS), 2002

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